Do you really know what and how many
threats are in your network?

  • Reduce risk
  • Gain deep visibility
  • Lower complexity
  • Protect against threats


See, control, and enforce

What if you could use your network to see and stop more threats? Now you can.

Cisco Network Visibility and Enforcement (NVE), gives you a 360-degree view of your distributed network and its traffic behaviours enriched with user and device context. You can also reduce the attack surface with segmentation that scales with your business. NVE comprises:


ISE laptop 600c 200

Cisco Identity Services Engine
stealthwatch laptop 02 200

Cisco Stealthwatch
TrustSec uses 200

Cisco TrustSec technology

Identity Services Engine

A security policy management platform that automates and enforces context-aware security access to network resources. Identity Services Engine delivers superior user and device visibility to support enterprise mobility experiences and to control access. It shares data with integrated partner solutions to accelerate their capabilities to identify, mitigate, and remediate threats.


ISE laptop 600c

Identity Services Engine helps overcome mobility challenges and secure evolving networks against ever-changing attacks.

ISE Simplifies guest experiences for easier guest onboarding and administration. Easily-customisable, branded mobile and desktop guest portals can be created in minutes.

ISE's dynamic visual workflows let you fully manage every aspect of guest access. Streamline BYOD and mobility with easy, out-of-the-box setup for self-service device onboarding and management.

ISE includes an internal certificate authority, multi-forest Active Directory support, and integrated enterprise mobility management (EMM) partner software. Centralise and unify network access policy management to provide consistent, highly secure access to end users, whether they connect to your network over a wired, wireless, or VPN connection.

Cisco Stealthwatch

Network visibility and security analytics across your busines. Cisco Stealthwatch uses telemetry from existing network infrastructure for advanced threat detection, deeper forensics and simplified network segmentation.


stealthwatch laptop 02

With industry-leading machine-learning and behavioral modeling, you can outsmart emerging threats in your digital business.


Stealthwatch hosts

Know every host
Stealthwatch record

Record every conversation
Stealthwatch understand

Understand what is normal
Stealthwatch alerted

Be alerted to change


Cisco Stealthwatch provides continuous real-time monitoring of, and pervasive views into, all network traffic. It dramatically improves visibility across the extended network and accelerates response times for suspicious incidents. It creates a baseline of normal web and network activity for a network host, and applies context-aware analysis to automatically detect anomalous behaviours.

Keep your network safe

The Resolution team protects your organisation’s people, data, and infrastructure. Our researchers, data scientists, and engineers collect information about existing and developing threats. We then deliver protection against attacks and malware.



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