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  • Cisco TrustSec Technology


Cisco TrustSec Software-Defined Segmentation

The policy-based approach to simplifying security and reducing risk.

Network segmentation is essential for protecting critical business assets. But traditional segmentation approaches are operationally complex. 

As the number of roles and endpoints increase within an organisation, the cost for managing virtual LANs (VLANs) can be significant. Balancing the demands for agility and security requires a new approach. Cisco TrustSec® software-defined segmentation dynamically organises endpoints into logical groups, called security groups. Security groups are assigned based on business decisions using a richer context than an IP address. They are easier for people to understand and manage.



Protecting Critical Assets with Cisco Security

Segmentation involves the partitioning of your network into various zones. You restrict access for each zone to only those users, applications and devices that require it to run the business. That way, if attackers slip into the network undetected, they will be able to access only a small portion of your data and assets, instead of gaining the keys to your entire kingdom.


TrustSec uses


Embedded in more than 40 Cisco product families and third-party offerings, Cisco TrustSec software-defined segmentation provides a role-based approach to policy enforcement. It does this by defining roles through security groups. Traffic from a set of network endpoints, users or servers is assigned a security group tag (SGT) for enforcement. You don’t have to whitelist IP addresses manually across every switch.


“Security has become so important to our operation.
Re-solution have helped us cover all our bases.”

Paul Johnson, TLG Group



Cisco’s network segmentation solutions bring many benefits to an enterprise. With these solutions, you can:


Centrally Control

Centrally apply and enforce consistent policies across wired, wireless, and remote-access users and devices
Reduce Costs

Reduce operational expenses by simplifying network segmentation and defining security groups based on business roles not IP addresses
Limit Impact

Limit the impact of a data breach through more effective segmentation and by quickly isolating and containing threats using your network

Reduce the scope of regulatory compliance by protecting sensitive information from inappropriate access


Software-defined segmentation

Cisco TrustSec software-defined segmentation reduces the risk of malware propagation, simplifies security operations and assists in meeting compliance goals. Resource classification is based on business roles, not IP addresses. Business roles can be based on contextual information including user role, device type, posture, location, time and type of access.


The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) gathers advanced contextual data about who and what are accessing your network. It then defines role-based access using Security Group Tags generated by TrustSec to segment your network. Embedded in your existing Cisco infrastructure, Cisco TrustSec technology simplifies the provisioning and management of network access making security operations more efficient. It helps enable security policies to be enforced consistently everywhere in the network.


Simplify access management

Create and manage policies in a simple matrix using plain language. 

Easily manage access control and segmentation across the enterprise. 

Control access to critical assets by business role, device type and location. 


Gain consistent policy across the network

Consistently enforce policies across the network and scale from mobile users to the data centre.

Define policies in Cisco ISE, which are applied across wired, wireless and VPN access methods.


Reduce operational expenses

Limit the impact of data breaches and prevent the lateral movement of threats and compromises across your network with microsegmentation.

Reduce the need for costly and time-consuming moves, adds, and change management by automating firewall rules and ACL administration.

Easily comply with audits and avoid a costly network redesign to meet compliance requirements.

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