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WI-FI 6. New and Improved

17 May 2019

WI-FI 6. New and Improved

As devices have become more intelligent and internet connections become more secure, the process of delivering wireless connections also changes. This means that all these Wi-Fi Standards need to be updated so that the newest technology of our day can evolve and remain compatible with everything around it.

In the last 10 years we’ve had:

  • WI-FI 4 (802.11n) in 2009
  • WI-FI 5 (802.11ac) in 2014

and now the newest addition to the family WI-FI 6 (802.11ax) in 2019.

Now with the ‘New Kid in Town’ (I do love a good Eagles song) what does it bring to the world of wireless?

Well, we can all say that when a new WI-FI standard comes out we expect it to be faster. Yes? Why would someone make it slower? We want the fastest connection we can get. Don’t worry. WI-FI 6 won’t let us down there. Industry experts have said that WI-FI 6 will offer speeds that are 40% fast than WI-FI 5, with theoretical maximum transfer speeds of 10 Gbps.

However, that figure will be tested over time, especially with the rise of new machines and technology coming into play.

So, it’s faster. That’s nice, but how is WI-FI 6 better than the ones before though?

WI-FI 6 is designed to allow network Access Points, like the new Cisco Meraki MR45 and MR55, to communicate more efficiently with even more devices and users at once, and in a way which helps those users use less power. In addition to this, WI-FI 6 routers will be able to pack more information into each signal they send which means they will be able to communicate more effectively.

Even though WI-FI 6 is in its early stages, it still looks promising for the future of technology. With improved capabilities for handling lots of devices at once being the key factor of the newest standard, you can expect WI-FI 6 to soon start making a noticeable difference in dense crowed spaces like stadiums and airports too.

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